Raphael de la Rie

Songwriter | Singer

Ever since I was a little boy I have always had an interest in pop music. It wasn’t until I was twelve years old when I discovered how much I loved writing lyrics to songs. I started out writing silly songs on existing songs like Britney’s Oops!.. I Did It Again or the Spice Girls’ Who Do You Think You Are. As I grew older I continued to write lyrics until one day I met a music producer in Amsterdam who could bring my lyrics to life. It’s amazing to hear your songs come to life so I decided to learn some guitar chords so I could start making up melodies as well. This resulted in the song Lost Another Chance which I would later record with my band members from Storm3.

And now I’m going in another direction. I’ve been writing lyrics and melodies on beats. And even though I’m aware I’m not the greatest singer in the world, and that I still have a lot to learn, I decided to record them and release them on this EP anyways. I loved working on this project and I’m already excited for Volume II so I can keep on improving. But most of all I’m doing this for me.Because I enjoy doing it. It’s my way of storytelling. And one way or another, we’re all storytellers! – Raphael de la Rie


I’ve also released this EP so everyone would be able to hear my work. If you’re a music producer looking for a lyricist to work with I’d love to collaborate with other writers and
artists! See you soon!